“When the Bones are Good…”

It’s Wednesday night. The little girl I babysit just went home, and DJ and I are sitting at the table munching on my FINALLY perfected cornbread recipe, drinking coffee and chocolate milk. You can guess which one is drinking coffee…

Tonight we have our first Wednesday night bible study. It’s been a long, long time since I have seen some of these faces. April of last year? Sometime around then. Covid-19 has really hit a lot of people hard. I feel like it’s hit a lot of people’s faiths really hard too… Are the pews as full as they used to be on Sunday morning? Are we using the pandemic as an excuse? Are we afraid of a virus, or what people will think of us if we go to church?

I know a church that has kept its doors open throughout the pandemic. They worship outside under God’s blue sky. How amazing is that? I was able to attend one of their services a few months ago… It was absolutely beautiful.

My house smells like chili and cornbread. It’s so cold outside. So cold. DJ and I are definitely beach babies. Sun, sand, and sea. There I go, getting sidetracked again…

Lately, I have really noticed how much DJ has grown. He is growing up so quickly, and while he’s growing up mentally and physically, I’m seeing how much I’m growing too. Jonathan and I both are. The little things don’t get to us like they used to. We laugh a little more, worry a little less. We’ve had some hard hits over the last five years, nearly six, but we always come back to each other. I’m just talking at this point. Just typing, listening to The Bones by Maren Morris. “The house don’t fall when the bones are good…” My goodness, Mrs. Carswell, where are you going with this?!

Growth. I’m getting somewhere with all of this. I promise. The world. The church. My relationship. My family… has taken some hard hits over the last few months. But when there is a solid foundation, when the walls are held by an everlasting and powerful God, things don’t tend to fall as quickly. Do they?

That’s what it’s all about—creating that strong foundation and building walls that won’t fall when you go to help others build their foundations and walls.

I told you I was going somewhere with this. I’ve noticed a lot of us are breaking and falling apart. We aren’t letting our faiths guide us, but rather politics, media, and Facebook posts. I told my sisters-in-law that I was exhausted by “Facebook Christians.” Christians that want to post their thoughts and feelings all over Facebook, but then don’t act upon them out in the world…or vice versa.

If all we do is post on Facebook and not go out and speak the word of God to everyone we see, then how on earth are we building a strong foundation. Trust me, I am guilty of this. So guilty. I get the anxiety sweats when my faith is challenged in person. Doesn’t matter, though. We have to remember the verse about God being able to kill both body and soul.

Build a strong foundation. Build up strong walls, and then help someone else build their walls too, whether they asked you or not, help them.

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